Player Endorsements, Social media & sponsorships

Dayton, OH--We live in an experience economy. No longer do customers want to be "sold" to. They want to sensory touch, feel, listen, and "experience," the product or service. 

This same principle applies when it comes to marketing individuals or influencers with any viable following or audience. 

More than simply posting on favorite social media platforms, fans want to actively interact with customers at VIP signings, commercials, pre-screening events, exclusive galas, corporate seminars, interviews, etc. Fans want memorable moments that they can be immersed in, then share, and relive.

Moments like these not only leverage one's influence, but it maximizes reach, enhance one's endorsability, and further's brand recognition for both the product and endorser.

Traditionally endorsement and sponsorship deals were exclusive to sport and entertainment celebrities, actors, and personalities. And more so, they were limited to the Fortune 100 mega-companies. But as times have changed, so have the way by which companies approach sponsorships and their associated marketing strategies with their customers.

Amateur athletes (that participate in activities such as:  marathons, cross-training, marshal arts, etc.) and aspiring artists and culinary chefs (i.e. YouTube stars) are now commonly sought after brand ambassadors for healthy lifestyle and nutritional products and services among other items that make cross-branding sense. Small and up-and-coming companies are now eager to increase their audience reach with "influencer" or "ambassador" programs. These grass-roots marketing strategies not only are more cost effective in nature, but they are more organic as these influencers are naturally interacting with the intended core community in a real way. In turn, a greater return on investment (ROI) is the result for the sponsor, the intended target audience feels a greater transparency and connection with the company, realtime feedback is provided, credibility is established, leads are generated, and the overall brand value is enhanced.

As each product and service appeals to a different sub-set of culture, it's important to remember to remember that the best athlete or ambassador for a company's brand is one who will ultimately reach, connect and engage with the brand’s target market.