Event Staff Help Enhance the Customer Experience

Dayton, OH--One of the challenges of living in an ever changing digital world is the fact that it's becoming increasingly more difficult to connect with people face-to-face.

However, successful brands still understand the importance of humanizing one's experience at festivals, trade shows, concerts, sporting events, etc. 

Enter:  Brand Ambassadors or Product Specialists--the not-so-secret weapon of the event circuit.

From adding support to a company's marketing needs to enhancing a brand's appearance with the public to helping aid customer relations within the hospitality sector to increasing leads and improving the overall customer experience, Brand Ambassadors and Product Specialists not only serve as the face and frontline of the respective brand, but they embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values, and voice. More so, they have the ability to organically leverage the word-of-mouth of the respective company. Well trained Brand Ambassadors, Product Specialists, and event staff boost credibility, visibility, and ultimately sales.

The Brand Ambassadors’ strength lies in their ability to strengthen the customer-product/service relationship and influence audiences. 

In a similar vein to sizable sales departments, people ultimately prefer to interact with other people. As such, Brand Ambassadors humanize a faceless brand and are able to deliver on a brand's promise to the customer--serving as a proxy brand advocate--increasing the potential reach for the brand.