Marketing to Millennials

Millennials have in recent years not only surpassed Gen-Xers as the largest labor force in America, but they are the largest living generation exceeding the aging Baby Boomers. All together, the millennial currently possesses the greatest purchasing power known to man!

Marketers have took notice.

When marketing to millennials--to really engage them at their core--if there isn't a special cause to support, a non-profit to start, or social-consciousness to arouse, it is imperative to market towards their sense of adventure and need for an EXPERIENCE.

Much more than a buzz-word, experience, has time-and-again been known to offer lasting-value. Regardless if you're an employer seeking to incentivize your staff, or you're a music festival producer hoping to drum up attendees, or maybe you're a brand that is seeking an affinity with this age group, much more than a monetary reward that merely offers a momentary-high and is soon forgotten about, an experience awakens an inner-connection that is lasting in effect--an experience that is talked fondly upon for years to come.

Although this is nothing new per se, the millenial provides the important reminder that memorable moments--more than money--is what connects true fans to brands.

And this philosophy is alive and active in companies like Jeep with their ever-popular "Camp Jeep"...and Toyota who took a page from their perennial-rival, by implementing their own experiential-wrinkle with the advent of "Hotel Tacoma." These off-road camping adventures are much more than interactive ride-and-drives--complete with exclusive experiences, unforgettable hospitality, and covetous connections--these memorable moments offer a fun-filled-fraternity-like atmosphere that champions loyal brand ambassadors for future generations.

These made for social-media-moments aren't exclusive to off-road adventure-seeking enthusiasts, exotic brands like PorscheLamborghini, and Corvette all tap into their respective customers' adrenal glands with similar philosophies:  catering to exclusive experiences--such as driving at the Daytona Speedway or a value-added week-long driving class that helps maneuvers at speeds in excess of 200 mph--resulting in increased morale, heightened loyalty, and strengthened customer bases.

So the next time you consider an activation, consider creating much more than a moment in time--make it memorable--even if that moment doesn't consist of:  flame throwers...or motorcycle stunts...or cirque du soleil performers...or celebrity chefs...or remote locations...or trained animals...or wood carvers...or spa packages...or turkish pillows...or comedians...or ice sculptures...or live bands...or tailored clothing...or...

Remember this:  Luxury+Adventure+Event+Experience=Memorable Moment