Experiential Marketing Revolutionizes Traditional Results

Experiential marketing is more than just a growing trend (increasingly more elaborate throughout the past few decades) and it's more than just a one-time event, it is the marketing platform by which products and services engage with their end customers and clients. It is the creative medium by which emotional attachments are made. And it is the interactive channel by which integrated sensory appeals to the emotional, cognitive, and relational connections of consumers. At it's best, it uniquely transcends both the event setting and the brand and marries the two in a fan-filled memorable experience. Enter College Game Day built by The Home Depot.

Experiential Marketing, or Event Marketing as its commonly known, though non-traditional in its non-cookie-cutter approach, at its heart, it utilizes and maximizes elements of traditional advertising and public relations in a compelling cocktail and cost effective manner. In each setting its brand touch points vary greatly (ranging from "guerrilla" and sampling programs to trade shows and conventions to luxury hospitality, exclusive concerts, celebrity sightings, and culinary artistry moments).

The reinforced brand loyalty, on-point brand messaging, and niche-driven approach works on any budget--offering a greater return on investment (ROI)--usually pennies on the dollar in comparison to more traditional mass media methods.

More so, this creative engine not only provides unparalleled experiences for the consumer, but it leverages the latest technologies and cultivates memorable moments for the engaged event attendee, transforming them from event-goer into a brand advocate and brand ambassador via social media and grass roots channels. 

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