Luxury Hospitality & Marketing

Dayton, OH--It is said that home is where the heart is. And for the avid sports fan, it's modern innovations such as NFL Sunday Ticket, DVR, and the internet that have drastically altered and improved the in-home viewing experience.

However for the traditional fan, home court and home field have never been more cozy than at their favorite stadium. The overall guest experience has experienced significant overhauls the past decades. Gone are the days of broken bleachers. Now most stadiums are swanky, complete with lush luxury boxes, in-stadium WiFi, and convenient mobile apps that allow food delivery right to your seat.

For the premium attendee, special tunnels, catered meals, exclusive parking, VIP parties, arranged meet-and-greets, and chartered travel are all part of the overall luxury hospitality package and corporate entertainment experience...the limit is often only one's imagination.

As expected, the fancier stadium digs are a byproduct of a financial driver. Premium seating options, though may comprise of only a small percentage of overall seating inventory, are often a strong stream of financial revenue for any professional sports team. 

Teams aren't the only benefactors enjoying a healthy ROI on their luxury entertainment. Fortune 500 brands (and many companies much smaller in size) utilize their moment to align with the on-court product and creatively connect with their off-field core audience. Through on-brand premiums, an exclusive marketing environment, and an uninterrupted opportunity, enhanced brand awareness, increased lead generation, established brand loyalty and affinity are often the result of a strategic integrated marketing plan.