Sports Marketing's Appeal

Dayton, OH--For the sports fan--and the sports marketer--this is one of the best times of the year!

From the Super Bowl and Daytona 500 to the All-Star Games for both the NBA and NHL to MLB's Spring Training and the start of March Madness, it's a season packed with passion, purpose, and marketing dollars...      

Throughout recent decades, brands have increasingly took to integrated experiential marketing tactics that have helped strengthen brand awareness, organically connect with target audiences, and enhance the overall customer experience. And it makes sense. Sports is not only a unifying platform that crosses the cultural boundaries of such polarizing topics of:  socioeconomics, race, religion, political preference, etc., but sports fans are tribal in nature.

Marketers know that for better or worse sports fans are unwavering loyal. So, in leveraging their natural passion and loyalty, a brand knows that if they are able to connect with a fan of a sport (or favorite sports team), they the brand at some level begin to physically, mentally, and emotionally embody THEIR team.  And when a brand or sponsor is able to properly align themselves with the right league, team or player, they authentically appeal to its associated tribe of fans. 

And with time...a greater affinity is developed within the tribe itself.