EDR Marketing + The Event Connections=Luxury Hospitality

Dayton, OH:  EDR Marketing, an event marketing agency, and The Event Connections, an extensive provider of event vendors and venues, are proud to announce their recent collaboration and joining of efforts.

What this means for the corporate customer?

Though each company shall remain as separate entities, customers will benefit from the value that both brands bring; they'll experience enhanced customer service, extensive luxury hospitality options as well as increased value-added networking opportunities.

As this move really helps solidify the one-stop-shop sport and entertainment hospitality experience, EDR Marketing will continue to help with any need from A to Z in the event marketing space--whether that is hospitality at the U.S. Open, staffing a luxury suite at the Super Bowl, providing logistics for a private charter, consulting with a tradeshow booth buildout, delivering sponsorship development and activation, or overseeing the coordination for a fine dining gala experience--EDR will continue to deliver high results that connect clients to their customers through exclusive events and experiences.