Memorial Day Memories

Fondly dubbed "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing," the Indianapolis 500 is as American as apple pie, baseball, fireworks, and our beloved military ensuring our FREEDOM!

So it's only fitting that it's a longstanding tradition that all of those elements are annually on display, serving as a celebratory backdrop for Memorial Day Weekend.

More than a century-old race, this 500 mile exhibit of performance provides a platform for the greatest stars in entertainment to shine. With nearly a month's worth of festivities--ranging from half-marathons to concerts to celebrity sightings, galas, cook-offs, parades, and fly-overs--leading up to the prestigious event, the pomp and circumstance and grandour of this grand stage and on-site attendance of nearly 300,000 morphs in comparison to the marketing spend and media exposure received from the millions of onlookers.

And what are those fans seeing? Well at 220+ mph, apart from the respective car manufactures, Firestone tires, and a glimpse of their favorite driver, they are subject to a  2.5-mile loop of endless advertising. With each of the cars wrapped with their respective sponsors' logos, ranging in offered products and business services throughout the gamut--endemic and non-endemic alike-- the generated brand awareness, attraction, and affinity for corporations and commodities connected to these racing machines suddenly makes motorsports marketing a sexy fraternity to activate in.

Events like the Indy 500 (as well as the Monaco F1 Grand Prix and NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 which also comprise the busiest calendar day in the racing schedule) are carefully curated and designed with big-business in mind. Whether it's luxury suites, catered hospitality, "glamping" (glamour-camping), unparalleled access to pit crews and garages or exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities, motorsports provides the ideal platform to align and partner with others, implement integrated-marketing campaigns, and accomplish any B2B and B2C objectives--ultimately connecting fans to brands while leveraging an unforgettable experience and viral impression.