Coachella's Lure

Woodstock infamously started the cultural craze. And many music festivals have tried to replicate the allure of the music pioneer. From Electric ForestBonnarooLollapalooza, CMA Fest, and Justin Timberlake's Pilgrimage Festival, but Coachella has a luster all its own.

Sure it's a few hours from Hollywood, but the stars of Rodeo Drive still come out in droves to the desert--and for good reason.

More than a music festival, the ambiance of the event provides an elixir of part-fashion show, part-media-frenzied-circus, part-celebrity-studded-who's-who-list, part marketing-Mecca.

It's more than just bands. Brands too understand the important impact of its influencers onsite and sponsor exclusive parties and other element opportunities to help keep their image relevant.

More than a music festival, and more than connecting fans to brands and bands, it's about making memories. And that is something we can all sing a tune to!