Boston (& Marathon Sponsorship) Strong

As the Boston Marathon marks the unofficial start of spring and race season for the running community, its continual growth, resilience, and fraternal-unity sets the standard for the many syndicates that follow throughout the racing circle.

Noticeably, though participation may have peaked in recent years, the road-racing circuit is still overflowing with options, showcasing more than 30,000 different races, annually. From 5Ks and half-marathons to flame-throwing obstacle-courses and pub crawls, the overall experience and running expertise may vary per event, but there's no discounting the fact that the multi-billion dollar running-walking industry is cashing in as a result of the fitness boom.

With millennials comprising more than half of all participants, sponsors are becoming more savvy with their respective races. More than carefully curating a unique course design or a luxurious location, it's become imperative to develop an exclusive experience both in the pre and post-race events. More than just another race, racers--more pointedly millennials--want experiences that are both meaningful (i.e. supportive of an eco-friendly non-profit) and memorable (i.e. social media share-worthy).

Matt Dunn