The Madness of March...& its Event Marketing Spend

March seems to be the month things really heat up--both on and off the court.

Sure you have that multi-billion dollar College Basketball Tournament for advertisers to throw at their marketing mix budget, but just as the time change occurs so too does the overall event marketing efforts and the places in which to market.

As the winter months give way to the freshness of spring, event marketing has ramped up ready to flourish for a new season.

Consider the following options:

Spring Training--Whether it's Florida or Arizona that your "Boys of Summer" call home for the spring, you can be sure to find some excitement, fresh talent, and out-of-towners in-town for a fan-friendly environment that connects fans to their favorite brand and hometown team.

The Arnold--Since 1989, the Arnold Sports Festival has called Columbus, OH home. The largest multi-sport festival in the nation with more than 18,000 athletes competing in 70 sports and events from archery and armwrestling to benchpress and bikini contests to chess and CrossFit and many other famous (and less famous) fitness categories. Aptly dubbed after its namesake (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the festival nationally draws fitness sponsors and followers alike.

Motorsports--As NASCAR's Super Bowl, The Daytona 500 unofficially marks the start of another motorsport season. IndyCar is set to start their engines in St. Petersburg, FL next Sunday, March 12th. With the sun and excitement of the event comes with it yachts and a scene of luxury hospitality aptly fit for the parties and sandy beaches it adorns.

Show Biz--Just as the Oscars, Grammys and virtually every other award-party is annually thrown within the first quarter, so too are the ceremonious Auto Show, Boat Show, and Home and Garden Show circuits. Each with their respective demographics and designs, these shows and events vary in luxury scales, but each are carefully curated to WOW their end consumer, respectively.

SXSW--As Austin, TX has progressively matured and become a melting pot for the arts-scene, it has pioneered with it arguably the most-sought after conference of its kind. This 10-day festival (March 10-19) finds a convergence of aspiring acts, interactive speakers, films and music mixed with technology and southern hospitality. This is a must-see melody for any event marketer! 

MWC--Although lesser known state-side, the Mobile World Congress just ended its annual event marketing blitz in Barcelona, Spain. This exclusive event highlights thousands of exhibitors internationally and serves as the sneak-peak show for all things mobile.