All-Star Marketing

The Big Easy. New Orleans.

A stark contrast to the city that never sleeps; however, for a weekend the NBA (or the "Association" as it is often dubbed) mixes the two worlds into an event marketing bliss that brings out all the stops for the circus they call "All-Star Weekend."

Cajun cuisine? Check. Musical mecca? Check. Concerts and celebrities? Check. Luxury lifestyle?Check. Hot ticket? Check. Slam Dunk Contest? Check. Females and Fashion? Check. Marketing genius? Double-check!

Of all the professional sport leagues, the NBA seems to have the greatest pulse of its fans' wants, lifestyle, and overall demographics as it provides an exclusive entertainment event that not only showcases its greatest talents as a brand, but integrates, engages, and immerses its fans (customers) in an interactive experience that leaves them wanting more.

Matt Dunn